Moby Dick!

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So I started listening to Moby Dick on CD the other day. I’ve always meant to read it, even started it at one point, but the thought of listening to it instead crossed my mind and I figured I’d give … Continued

July 20 – Cows

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Here are some of the bovine-inspired sketches I did yesterday. Maybe they don’t all look like cows…I know the one jumping over the moon is more dog-esque in his head. Click for big version! The one on the lower right … Continued

July 17 – Energy

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Giant windmills in the middle of Kansas. Are they energy efficient or are they just a waste of money? I say who cares–they’re awesome (in the truest sense of that word).

July 13 – After My Week Off

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It’s not from a lack of creating, just a lack of wanting to post any of it…I haven’t really liked any of what I’ve done lately, but I finally decided to put something up.

July 7 – Naughty or Nice

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This was one of my weekly 10 second club videos for my stopmotion class last Spring. It’s one of my favorites from the whole year. Now on Vimeo in HD. Enjoy! Naughty from Jesse Nelson on Vimeo.

July 6 – Mr. Poogles

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This is an interesting little sketch. I got the inspiration for it the other night when a friend was carrying around an umbrella, and then yesterday during church (in the span of about five minutes) I came up with an … Continued

July 5 – Ninja Girl

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Well, due to my computer having problems, I’ve actually been getting more drawing done. Go figure. I don’t really know what to say about this one. I drew the pose of her yelling a couple weeks ago, and decided to … Continued

July 4 – America

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So I missed yesterday, and will probably miss the next day or two as well. My computer screen is crapping out on me, so I’m going to have to try and fix it…also, I discovered that I’ve lost my copy … Continued

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