Finished Piece! (and Blog thoughts)

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I finally got my latest traditional piece finished, cut, framed, and ready to mount on a wall. I’ll tell ya, making your own frame can be quite a challenge (especially if you’re trying to use all materials you find around … Continued


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Did this as a concept exploration piece for our Sr. Project. We had a theme of “alone”, and I thought of a young kid all alone in a wasteland holding his teddy bear. Somehow as I drew, that idea turned … Continued


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Here are some characters from my sketchbook drawn the past couple days. Construction Worker inspired by a post from the fabulous Lindsey Olivares.


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A crop of something I’ve been working on. Hopefully I can get it framed soon and posted up here! -Jesse

Dupliverts v0.45

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For anyone interested, I’ve uploaded the script to Creative Crash. Feel free to download, test it out, and give me comments/suggestions/bug reports/whatever! DUPLIVERTS v0.45 -Jesse

Hay is for Horses

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So for my sister’s birthday a few weeks ago, I ended up drawing a little western-y scene for her (she loves horses) and getting it framed. It was actually based off a rough Don Quixote sketch by Pablo Picasso; I … Continued