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I’ve been working on a new website design, which is why things might look a little out of sorts. Also why I haven’t done too many drawings this week. More to come soon. Jesse

Drawing a Day, again

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So I’ve recently started up my drawing a day blog again. This time I’m concentrating in doing stuff I’m really interested in (i.e. studying color and light). So far so good! Check it out if you get the chance, there … Continued

Easy Light-Linker for Maya

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EDIT: The script is now available from Creative Crash. Download it here. If you’ve ever worked with lighting complex scenes in Maya and needed to fine-tune the effect of your lights, you know how much of a pain it can … Continued

Programming makes my head hurt

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But I really enjoy it. I’ve been learning Python, little by little (my only other programming experience being with Maya’s MEL), especially as it relates to computer graphics. So far I’ve managed a simple (but I think kinda creative) script … Continued

Site Updates and New Reel

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I’ve updated the site a bit, including a new Lighting Reel showcasing work done through May 2011. Check out the demo reel section of the website for a complete breakdown. Lighting Reel Spring 2011 from Jesse Nelson on Vimeo.


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Well, I just finished up my last year at Huntington University and graduated with a degree in Animation. It’s so great to be done and I’m so excited to start working in the animation industry. My Senior thesis film was … Continued

What Remains trailer

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We’re less than 10 days out from the premiere of our film. We’ve cut together a little teaser trailer for now, as it may not be online for a few months yet.

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