Lighting timelapse

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First a cool video. This is a shot from our Senior thesis film which I lit in a couple hours. It’s changed a bit since the end result of this video, but I think the progression is cool all the … Continued

New Blog

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I’m joining a group of animation students here at school and starting a new blog with a “drawing a day” theme. My goal through this blog is twofold; first, to get me into the discipline of drawing every day; and … Continued

Color Scripting

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As our Senior Thesis Film team continues to work hard to stay on schedule, I decided I’d better mention a bit of what my role is in the project. At the moment I’ve got my feet in a couple different … Continued

Beat Panels

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These were the first draft of the beat panels I drew for our Senior thesis film. The story has gone through many changes since then, but I spent a bit of time on these guys and thought several of them … Continued

Ship Concept

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Whew! It’s been a while, and we’ve been working hard on getting our Sr. Project Film, tentatively titled “Alone”, up to speed. I’ll be posting more of my work from that project periodically, and to kick it all off I … Continued

Finished Piece! (and Blog thoughts)

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I finally got my latest traditional piece finished, cut, framed, and ready to mount on a wall. I’ll tell ya, making your own frame can be quite a challenge (especially if you’re trying to use all materials you find around … Continued


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Did this as a concept exploration piece for our Sr. Project. We had a theme of “alone”, and I thought of a young kid all alone in a wasteland holding his teddy bear. Somehow as I drew, that idea turned … Continued

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