An oldie…

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This is one I actually did a few months ago…it was based off a concept painting for King Kong (the Peter Jackson version). It took at least an hour, if I remember correctly. Jesse

Color sketches

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Since I’m on spring break, I’ve got a bit of time to work on my personal stuff. I’m hoping to do at least one of these a day for the rest of the week. I’ll get back into the composition … Continued

#6: Asymmetry

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I feel like all these concepts are starting to blur together…they’re definitely interrelated, some to a rather significant degree. Jesse

#3: Clear Staging

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I tried to limit myself to 5 – 10 minute sketches for this one. It’s quite a rush to just start drawing and have the image take shape as you go…not having time to think things out before hand and … Continued

Composition Studies — #1 Framing

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I’m reading through some brief composition lectures on the amazing John K’s Curriculum site ( It’s really helpful to have some plain, simple breakdowns of different compositional elements. I’m trying to draw up some quick studies as I go through … Continued

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