July 1 – Growing

By July 1, 2009April 14th, 20142 Comments

This is the cover I designed for the bulletin this week at Good Shepherd Church. They’re moving out of their old building and to a new location, and will officially be participating in a new church plant for the United Brethren church…so I translated their situation a bit literally into this one :).


  • joshaddessi says:

    Dude, I like it…I’m a fan of literal interpretations, I use that approach quite often in my designs…I love the symbolism of the church growing from a tree–it’s awesome!!…and hey, if you comment on my blog i’ll comment on yours–deal? 😛

  • Jesse Nelson says:

    It’s a deal-I do have yours bookmarked under my artist blogs, but I confess I haven’t been to it recently…

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