July 6 – Mr. Poogles

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This is an interesting little sketch. I got the inspiration for it the other night when a friend was carrying around an umbrella, and then yesterday during church (in the span of about five minutes) I came up with an entire story for a children’s book involving dear Mr. Poogles. Not just a passing “oh, that’d be cool to make” either–I very much want to get it published some day.

Click for bigger version.

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  1. Sweet I was inspiration! I won’t go so far as to request royalties but if you could at least name the dog in the story after me that’d be nice.

  2. I’m looking forward to reading the story! It sounds cool!

  3. Hm… I write, you draw. We must talk. Not about Mr. Poogles, of course. But perhaps…something else?

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