Moby Dick!

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So I started listening to Moby Dick on CD the other day. I’ve always meant to read it, even started it at one point, but the thought of listening to it instead crossed my mind and I figured I’d give it a try…the advantage of course being I can draw while I listen!

Hence, I’ll hopefully be posting up a bunch of new sketches over the next few weeks, sea-faring themed or otherwise. Here’s the first batch I had after finishing the first CD. Out of 20.

These are all based off photos, but each with my own bit of flair added to it. Whatever that means…

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  1. Awesome! Moby Dick is one of my favourite books. Good luck with it. I opted to write music based off of it. You opted to draw it. How inspiring it must be ^_^

  2. Mmm, the flare is hot. Moby Dick is rather good, Herman Melville knew how to write…I’m a fan of the old movie starring Gregory Peck-classic special effects 😛

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