Programming makes my head hurt

By July 26, 2011April 14th, 20142 Comments

But I really enjoy it.

I’ve been learning Python, little by little (my only other programming experience being with Maya’s MEL), especially as it relates to computer graphics. So far I’ve managed a simple (but I think kinda creative) script for Maya that simplifies the light-linking process from a large list of node associations to just an object selection and a click of a button. Hopefully I can get the code cleaned up and release it here soon, for anyone interested.
Sometimes, though, my mind gets so filled with ints, strings, tuples and classes, that I need to take a creative break and use the other side of my brain. Or however that works. Today, after a particularly confusing session on Regular Expression Operations, I was enjoying seeing the sunlight filter through my window onto a lonely bottle of Jones soda, and thought, “I hardly ever try to paint from real life.”

It was pretty fun. The more I try painting, however, the more I realize what a novice I am at it. I love the whole process and creation, but when I take a step back and see how far I have to go to be able to paint the sorts of things I want to at the quality I want to…
Whew. It’s enough to send someone back to programming.


  • Pete says:

    I need to pick up the python book again sometime soon too! I agree though, a good balance of technical stuff and artistic stuff is a good thing.

  • Sleeper says:

    Don’t give up on the painting. The ability to notice the light on that lonely bottle of Jones soda is why you’re programming in the first place.

    I wouldn’t sell you’re painting short either. From what I can tell you nailed it!

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