Look! A twitter!

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Looks like I finally have made the jump to the twitter#! If you enjoy my work, feel free to follow me at: twitter.com/mr_jese I will be updating it much more frequently than my blog with what I’m currently working on. I also … Continued

This Is My Rock

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This Is My Rock By David McCord This is my rock, And here I run To steal the secret of the sun; This is my rock, And here come I Before the night has swept the sky; This is my … Continued

INKtober 2013!

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Whew! Time to blow some dust off this blog and get into INKtober 2013! Looks like the last post was from last year’s challenge, so I’m just going to pick up where I left off and pretend like no one … Continued

Back in Maya!

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It’s been a while, but I opened up Maya recently to do a little title video. Fun stuff…I forgot how much I enjoy doing 3D—and how frustratingly difficult it can be to do simple things.

Cats Cats Cats

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Finally I get to post this! My friend had a birthday recently, and I wanted to get something drawn for him. He has always liked cats, so I sneakily contacted his wife to plan something that would work for hanging … Continued

Wedding Bells

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Here’s a freelance piece recently finished for Sarah Parisi over at Parisi Images. She’s doing some really neat photography in and around the Chicago area; definitely check out her Indian wedding section if you get a chance!

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